Hello, welcome to Slice of Cache! I have started this blog to provide a helping hand to my fellow entrepreneurs, start-ups and small biz owner’s.

On one hand, it will cover tips, tricks & tutorials for all things required when starting up a business (and what no one ever tells you about) and on the other, a very dear and passionate topic of mine: Girls in I.T.

But first.. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Chelsea, I am a twenty-something website developer who no, doesn’t sit around playing video games whenever I can and no, doesn’t think ‘style’ is a waste of money (well, within reason… but I think we can all agree on that) but who loves shoes, beauty, fashion & coffee!



Great question… I began my entrepreneurial lifestyle by providing website development services. The more I got out there and involved in the entrepreneurial & small business world the more I started to realise how many decent, innocent people were being completely ripped-off time after time by website developers!

I was so angry and shocked – angry because these ‘developers’ were giving the rest of us a terrible name and shocked as to how a human being can be so cruel.

After this eye opening time in my life I decided to create a space where people such as yourselves can learn and understand how to set up digital necessities without spending the big bucks and discuss both the good and the bad about being a self employed entrepreneur.



I am crazy passionate about this topic, as you can imagine. Girl’s, Female’s, Ladies whatever you want to call us CAN have a career in I.T. and a successful one at that.

I can go on about this for days so I will try and keep it short for here. My goal is to inspire girls to forget about the ‘nerd’ & ‘geek’ stereotype, forget about any males in their life telling them our brains work differently and to have the courage to go out there and crush it in I.T. because we can!

There will be many blog posts about Girl’s in I.T. so be sure to check them out whether it’s for inspiration, advice or if you’re a fellow girl in I.T. Don’t be shy to leave a comment or email me with any questions, all conversations are welcome.



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Any questions are always welcome, just shoot me an email here and I will either address it in a blog post or get back to you ASAP!

xxx Chelsea